Mini Ultra 8 MHz Plus is finally out for sale. The design went through several iterations before the final version (from the full feature white board on the left of the image above to the final version on the most right). We want the cost to be optimized in order for people to be able to deploy them in bigger volume applications like for example wireless sensor network. So, we had to strip off some on of the feature available on the initial design. Having an Arduino board factor allows you to test them with available shields in the market before you eventually make a power optimized version of that shield as not many shields out there are optimized for low power applications. Read more

Mini Ultra Plus

Some of you might come across our first attempt on making a low power Arduino compatible board here. That was 2 years ago (time sure flies)! Well we thought it would be great if the board gets a little revamp and some tweaking so that it’s power consumption is comparable to our Mini Ultra 8 MHz! Read more

We have the new version of Reflow Oven Controller Shield back in stock. This version uses the new MAX31855KASA+ thermocouple interface chip replacing the old MAX6675. Read more

We got a batch of new Mini Ultra 8 MHz up for sale on the shop. We made some small changes to the board but the pinout and dimension stays exactly the same (we knew that lots of them are being used out there on custom carrier boards!): Read more