We started Rocket Scream few years ago knowing that we would eventually need some automation in our manufacturing process to speed things up. Until now, we have been doing the ultra slow hand pick and placing components onto our boards before putting them into our hacked oven for the reflow process.Results are very good but it is a slow and painful process especially when we come to a point where we need to make few hundreds of the boards and each board has a component count that averages more than 30. When we saw the folks at Adafruit started getting serious into automated manufacturing by using the MDC 7722FV made by MDC Corp, we were so intrigued to get one until we saw the price tag. We figured we need to fork out a whopping USD30k for one! And that’s excluding the shipping cost!

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2014 has been a very busy year where we were side tracked by custom project for clients. As a result, many of the Rocket Scream products were either out of stock from time to time or didn’t get an update they truly deserve. Of course, the osPID project is one of the unfortunate ones.

It has been ages since we sold the very last unit of the osPID Kit. The kit has went for quite a number of prototype revision since and is finally here for sale! So, what’s new on the latest revision of the osPID Kit? Read more

After months of preparation, we have finally move our existing Magento based online store to the new store running on WooCommerce. There’s no doubt that Magento is one of the most powerful free shopping cart system out there but the complexity under the hood has shy us from further using it after 3 years. Upgrading the Magento software itself is a nightmare even for developers especially if you are new in these sort of things. But despite those niggling factors, Magento is a very complete shopping cart system. We wanted something more: a complete content management system capable of providing a shopping cart system too. After months of researching and testing, we ended with WooCommerce! Read more

We received several request to make a 5 V 16 MHz version of our low power Mini Ultra 8 MHz board. We know how much you guys love to operate at 5 V and running the ATMega328P at 16 MHz. We want them to be able to run from varies type of batteries and still consume very small amount of current during power down or sleep mode. We maintain the same pin out and dimension as in the Mini Ultra 8 MHz board.

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After months of design iterations and testing, TraLog Shield v2 is finally here! We made several changes & improvement over the initial design and also managed to push the cost down. Read more