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We made a quick update on the Mini Ultra Pro design. Here are the changes on V3: Read more

Our Reflow Oven Controller Shield has been around for many years now. It went through minor changes over the years and we were fortunate to ship out a lot of them. But, we always felt that we are not doing enough in pushing the overall cost further down to provide a lower entry to get into SMD reflowing. The need for an external Arduino board as the brain for the setup adds a massive cost to the shield (depending on whether you buy an official board from Arduino or a copy online). The new Tiny Reflow Controller is a derivative design from the shield version to address those tiny little issues. Read more

When we first release the V1 of the Mini Ultra Pro, we were very surprised that people actually like the design very much. On top of that, we received a lot of suggestions on future features from our awesome customers. We take all the suggestions seriously and incorporate most of them into the new revision of the Mini Ultra Pro. Here’s the list of the changes in the new revision. Read more

We offer 2 types of low cost radio module option for our Mini Ultra Pro boards. We always think that it is important to choose a suitable radio module based on the application. One of the most important feature when choosing a radio module is the transmission range and transmission rate. While we have basically run many range test on the LoRa capable RFM95W radio module on the Mini Ultra Pro, we are really curious how different the FSK RFM69HCW radio module would perform in terms of range. It is obvious that the RFM69HCW is unable to achieve the few kilometer range provided by the LoRa technology but faster transmission rate and cost effectiveness of the FSK RFM69HCW radio module might be very compelling for certain applications. Read more

Over the years, we were fortunate enough to be involved in several wireless sensor network projects in real world applications. These boards were custom boards derived from our Mini Ultra 8 MHz, Mini Ultra 8 MHz Plus and also an unreleased Mega2560 variant. On top of that, different battery chemistry, secondary power source, and different radio technology were used. Based on these iterations, we refined our design and put them forward in a new board named Mini Ultra Pro. The Mini Ultra Pro is an Arduino Zero compatible board that is ultra low power targeted at wireless sensor network (ah come on, that IoT term bore us) applications. As much as we love our ATMega328P based design, we wanted something more powerful and more peripherals than that. Running out of program flash, RAM, serial port and other resources half way through our project development is not a pleasant experience especially when time is the biggest constraint. Read more