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Single Cell Arduino Compatible LoRaWAN Low Power Node

We have been working on a single cell Arduino compatible LoRaWAN low power node for some time now. Many who has been following our work has been asking when will the board will be released. We have to admit this is probably one of the simplest…

Updated & Back in Stock – Mini Ultra Pro V3

We made a quick update on the Mini Ultra Pro design. Here are the changes on V3: Battery Voltage Monitoring We added battery voltage (VBAT) monitoring through a simple resistor divider network on pin A5. This circuit first came out in our…

New Product – Tiny Reflow Controller

Our Reflow Oven Controller Shield has been around for many years now. It went through minor changes over the years and we were fortunate to ship out a lot of them. But, we always felt that we are not doing enough in pushing the overall cost…

The SX1276 Modules Shootout – HopeRF’s RFM95W vs NiceRF’s LORA1276-C1 vs HPDTEK’s HPD13

Few months back, a customer of ours asked whether we could get a shielded version of the HopeRF's RFM95W on our Mini Ultra Pro boards. And sure we asked HopeRF whether they are willing to provide a custom version with a metal shield. They gave…

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