Phang Moh

Rocket Scream Secret Lab

Rocket Scream is a very small company run by a guy named Phang Moh (yes, the guy on the left that you have been staring at for the past few minutes) in a small hot and humid country called Malaysia. What started out as a part time outfit grew into a full time endeavor.

We are obsessed about ultra low power devices, renewable energy, wireless sensor network, and micro manufacturing. We enjoy making open source hardware products everyday as we believe it is one of the best way for people to learn and improve together including ourselves!

The 2nd image on the left is a picture of our secret lab where we spent most of our time. There’s few more storage racks to keep our parts and shipping supplies on the right (not shown in the picture)!

We hope you like what we do here!

Happy tinkering!

Phang Moh, Rocket Scream Electronics