Updated & Back in Stock – TraLog Shield v2

After months of design iterations and testing, TraLog Shield v2 is finally here! We made several changes & improvement over the initial design and also managed to push the cost down.

Some of the improvement includes:

  • Support for Arduino Mega2560 & Arduino Leonardo:
    • We know how much you guys yearn for that extra flash and RAM size to build your next world dominating application. Using an extension card, the Arduino Mega2560 communicates with the GSM-GPRS module via the hardware serial port. Our WISMO228 library is updated to support the use of hardware serial port.
    • Mega Extension Card
    • On previous revision of the TraLog shield, the GPS receive pin is designated on pin D7 on an Arduino board. Unfortunately, this won’t work on an Arduino Leonardo board. In the new revision. we swapped the receive and transmit pin connected to the GPS module to allow Arduino Uno, Duemilanove, and Leonardo board to work right out of the box with the shield. But, if you are using a Mega2560, the GPS module can be connected to either hardware serial port 2 or 3.
  • New uBlox MAX-6Q GPS module:
    • We replace the aging Globalsat EB-3531 with uBlox’s 6th generation GPS module that are able to provide maximum navigation update rate of 5 Hz. On top of that, we managed to shave off some cost from here! As a bonus, this MAX-6Q is compatible in terms of footprint with newer MAX-7Q GPS module that supports multi-GNSS.
    • MAX-6Q GPS
  • On-board battery charger:
    • If you plan to use the shield in a semi-permanent main power application (example: vehicle), a Li-Ion battery can be used to power shield. A little hacking on your regular Arduino board would be needed in this case as your Arduino board needs to run on the battery too!
    • Battery Charger
  • Simpler jumper configuration.
  • Simpler Jumper Configuration
  • μSD card and GPS power control:
    •  Even when not in use, the μSD card and GPS module will consume considerable amount of current. We let you decide!
    • SD & GPS Power Control

The shield is now available on our shop!

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