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TraLog is a combination of GSM-GPRS, GPS and micro SD in 1 shield for Arduino. This is the new version of the shield that now supports Arduino Uno, Duemilanove, Leonardo & Mega2560 (requires an extension board (not included!), check out the related product below). Battery charging support is also added in this new revision. The shield now uses uBlox MAX-6Q 50 channels GPS module!

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TraLog is a combination of GSM-GPRS, GPS and micro SD in 1 shield. We added every possible feature that we could think of when making this shield. TraLog gives you the capability of GSM-GPRS connectivity, GPS tracking, and data logging capability all in 1 shield without having a 10 storey high shield stacks! We also came out with a simple Arduino compatible library for the WISMO228 GSM-GPRS module that allows you get started straight away without have to worry about messing with AT command (forgetting about the carriage return is a nightmare, ei?). For the MAX-6Q GPS module, you'll need to use the TinyGPS library for NMEA 0183 sequence decoding and for the micro SD, you'll need the built-in Arduino SD library. You can choose to run the shield off the VIN pin on the Arduino board or through a Li-Ion/Li-Pol cell. For you makers that is more adventurous, the MAX-6Q GPS module is a powerful and a very configurable GPS module. The WISMO228 GSM-GPRS module comes preloaded with the latest firmware (version L23) and necessary pins for future firmware upgrading (RX, TX, RTS, CTS) is broken out if newer firmware version are released. Now go and TraLog something!

  • Sierra Wireless WISMO228 GSM-GPRS module:

    • Quad band (850, 900, 1800 and 1900MHz frequency bands)

    • Low power consumption:

      • 50uA in off mode

      • 1.22mA in idle mode

    • Embedded TCP/IP stack

    • On-board RTC (2.5uA operating current)

  • uBlox MAX-6Q GPS module:

    • uBlox 6th generation chipset

    • Up to 5Hz update rate

    • 50 channels

    • Tracking sensitivity -161dBm

    • 1s hot start

  • Micro SD & SIM card combo slot

  • Step down switching regulator:

    • 3.6V 3A

    • Up to maximum 17V input voltage

    • Minimal heat dissipation and low quiescent current (17uA)

  • Able to operate directly with Li-Ion battery

  • Li-Ion battery charger:

    • Up to 1A charging current (default configuration: 100 mA)

    • Charging status LED

    • Up to maximum 16.5V input voltage

  • Coin cell CR1220 battery backup for MAX-6Q GPS hot start

  • Coin cell CR1220 battery backup for WISMO228 RTC

  • Flexible UART lines selection for WISMO228 through simple jumper:

    • Interface directly with PC (bypass ATMega chip from Arduino board) - useful when you want to try out the AT command directly

    • Hardware UART on D0 & D1

    • Software UART on D5 & D6.

  • Supports Arduino Mega2560/1280:

    • GSM-GPRS and GPS support via extension board:

      • WISMO228 GSM-GPRS module - Select between UART1 or UART2

      • MAX-6Q GPS module - Select between UART2 or UART3

    • microSD connection through the ISP 6-pin connector (SPI pins)

  • On and off control of WISMO228:

    • Software control through pin A2 or

    • SPNO tact switch

  • On and off control of MAX-6Q:

    • Software control through pin D9 or

    • Permanently on

  • RI (ring indicator) line on WISMO228 (selectable through jumper to pin D2) to provide new SMS indication and incoming call (you don't have to worry about polling for new SMS or having a big buffer when multiple new SMS is in storage

  • Time Pulse line on MAX-6Q (selectable through jumper to pin D3) to provide accurate 1s timing which is useful for situation where time based task execution is required

  • GSM activity indication LED - You know when your GSM-GPRS is alive & kicking

  • GPS status indication LED - GPS fix indication

  • Voltage translation between Arduino board and shield

  • Works with both 5V and 3.3V Arduino boards:

    • Utilize the IOREF pin available on Arduino board version R3 and above to detect operating voltage

    • Older revision of Arduino board is also supported through solder jumper

  • ESD and transient protection on SIM card

  • Edge SMA connector for both GSM-GPRS module and GPS module

  • 2dBi GSM antenna (included)

  • Active patch GPS antenna with 3m cable (included)

  • Arduino reset tact switch



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