The Rocket Scream forum is up now. Feel free to come in and share your thoughts, knowledge, experience and problems on electronics and microcontroller world.

December was a busy month for Rocket Scream Electronics as we have been working on couple of upcoming products and hopefully we would be able to make them available in January 2011. We can basically categorized our focus to be on 2 main categories. The 1st category, would be products that are Arduino compatible and these are basically shields and other supporting tools. The 2nd category would be development platform (PIC, ARM Cortex, XBee S2B) other than the Arduino platform. Read more

Many of you might have came across the PCB prototype page on our web shop. We have been designing many PCB in the past few years and was always looking for reliable and at the same time affordable PCB service especially for prototype run. At times, we made mistakes in the design and these PCB end up as coasters. If you were to do a search for local PCB manufacturer in Malaysia on the internet, you’ll come to a conclusion that the price is pretty steep and the quite often the PCB manufacturing specifications is pretty disappointing. And if you mention that you are only interested in making 3 pieces, they will advice you to start playing Ferric Chloride instead. Read more

Rocket Scream Open

We are so excited about this. Our humble little shop is open for business now. We are glad to announce that we are an official Arduino distributor.

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