On the 15th May 2013, Malaysia Postal Service made some changes to it’s international mail service. It is basically a measure of separating items that are classified as letters, documents & printed material from other items that are not, like small items, commercial samples, tapes, and others. In simpler terms, they want us to pay more! We can no longer send orders using the International Registered Mail that has been proven to be quite reliable and affordable although it takes a little longer to reach it’s destination. Read more

Quite often we see our customers comes out with their own setup for the reflow oven using our Arduino compatible reflow oven controller shield. Read more

We just got our latest revised PCB of Reflow Oven Controller Shield and TraLog Shield! These awesome PCB are manufactured by Circuit Mart in China. To be honest, these are the best quality PCB we have ever received our entire life! We have decided to go back to Circuit Mart after some trial with other manufacturers (go figure!). Read more

We just received an early present delivered by the UPS truck (please don’t honk & press the bell next time!). Anyway, it’s a package from Ponoko! Take a look what is inside. Read more

On our way to the bank, while listening to the radio (which we don’t usually do unless like when our FM transmitter is dead), something caught our attention and it ain’t Lemmy singing Ace of Spades. It was about Open Source Ecology which is exactly like Open Source Hardware but in a bigger scale and has an aim for: [blockquote cite=”http://www.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Open_Source_Ecology”]developing and testing a set of tools to build replicable, open source, modern, off-grid resilient communities[/blockquote] .

They have come up with a very complete wiki that includes 50 different industrial machines that it takes to build a small, sustainable civilization with modern comforts! If you are used to reading wiki on how to build some open source circuit board, get ready to build some open source tractor, steam engine, wind turbine, and 47 more industrial machines all in the open source way. Take a look at their introduction video:

Now, we need to find some space to park the tractor! 🙂