Shipment Charges Update

On the 15th May 2013, Malaysia Postal Service made some changes to it’s international mail service. It is basically a measure of separating items that are classified as letters, documents & printed material from other items that are not, like small items, commercial samples, tapes, and others. In simpler terms, they want us to pay more! We can no longer send orders using the International Registered Mail that has been proven to be quite reliable and affordable although it takes a little longer to reach it’s destination.

With the introduction of the “International Small Packet” service, the shipping rates are now sub-divided into only 3 5 range based on their weight and zone.

  • Up to 250 gm (added on 20 May 2013 by Malaysia Postal Service)
  • 250 gm – 500 gm (added on 20 May 2013 by Malaysia Postal Service)
  • 500 gm – 1000 gm
  • 1000 gm – 1500 gm
  • 1500 gm – 2000 gm

By implementing this awful classification, the shipping rates is not friendly at all towards small orders. If you are shipping a 250 gm worth of orders, you will still need to pay for 1 kg shipping rate. For example, shipping a 1 kg worth of orders to United States will now cost around USD22 (inclusive of registered service to track and trace which was also increased)! That is very close (about USD5) to what we currently offer using FedEx International Economy (IE) for 0.5 kg shipment to United States. We hope that we can increase our shipment volume using FedEx in order for us further push down the rates offered to us. After numerous complains from the consumer, just 5 days after the 1st charges announcement, Malaysia Postal Service added 2 lower weight range. Overall, the amount of shipment charges increment depending on the destination. European countries that used to be grouped in a different zone is now combined with the rest of the world (North & South America, Africa). This resulted in a bigger increment for European destination. We still have plans to further push our FedEx rate lower in the near future.

On a brighter note, Malaysia Postal Service is claiming that the service will be faster. We hope this will be the case because with the new higher shipping rates, it has to be!

We reluctantly updated the shipping rates based on the new rates provided by Malaysia Postal Service this afternoon (16 May 2013). Rates were updated again to reflect the changes made by Malaysia Postal Service on the 20 May 2013.

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