Invisible Silkscreen

The FedEx van came today and we were super excited to see the reflow oven controller PCB coming back from the fab. It was sent using FedEx International Priority Pack which is way much faster than their Economy Pack. But, the moment we open the envelope we knew something is not right! Read more

Open Source Hardware Logo

The official Open Source Hardware logo is finally out. Just in time for our new batch of boards. We just hope this prints okay on the boards. 🙂 Read more

Our webshop will be down for a while for maintenance.

We’ll be right back!

The webshop is back and running! Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Rocket Scream forum is up now. Feel free to come in and share your thoughts, knowledge, experience and problems on electronics and microcontroller world.

December was a busy month for Rocket Scream Electronics as we have been working on couple of upcoming products and hopefully we would be able to make them available in January 2011. We can basically categorized our focus to be on 2 main categories. The 1st category, would be products that are Arduino compatible and these are basically shields and other supporting tools. The 2nd category would be development platform (PIC, ARM Cortex, XBee S2B) other than the Arduino platform. Read more