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Many of you might have came across the PCB prototype page on our web shop. We have been designing many PCB in the past few years and was always looking for reliable and at the same time affordable PCB service especially for prototype run. At times, we made mistakes in the design and these PCB end up as coasters. If you were to do a search for local PCB manufacturer in Malaysia on the internet, you’ll come to a conclusion that the price is pretty steep and the quite often the PCB manufacturing specifications is pretty disappointing. And if you mention that you are only interested in making 3 pieces, they will advice you to start playing Ferric Chloride instead.

We have been using offshore PCB manufacturing for nearly 6 years now. We can say that the service and quality is excellent and at an affordable price. We thought why not helping other local designers, hobbyist, and engineers getting their prototype PCB fabricated at an affordable price and with decent manufacturing specifications? We thought of having customers submitting their design in Gerber format and we will combine all different design into a large panel. Customer can expect to pay something like USD5 per inch square and get probably 3 pieces of the design with professional quality finishing. For example, you have a 2 inch square 2 layer design, then the cost would be USD10 plus some small amount of shipment fee.

We are currently testing panelization of separate PCB design into a single design. We are looking for any 2 layer Gerber (in RS-274X format with NC drills file) for testing to see what shapes and sizes other designers might be making. This will help us on what panel size is more suitable and therefore would help in reducing the time for the panel to be filled up by different customer designs. We also want to see whether different EDA package output Gerber files (they should be standard) might cause any issues during the panelization process as we are using only Diptrace (they are awesome!). If you guys would like to contribute, please contact us through our contact page.

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