We made some small changes to the Mini Ultra 8 MHz Plus board which involves the charging circuitry on the board. Read more

We have just released our very own version of the USB-Serial board based on the new FT231XS chip. This board went through numerous revision which initially was using the older FT232RL chip. Read more

It has been a while since we last added new device support for the Arduino compatible Low Power Library. Beta copies of the library were tested by quite a number of willing people and the result is super amazing! We are very glad that people are finding the library very useful. Read more

On the 15th May 2013, Malaysia Postal Service made some changes to it’s international mail service. It is basically a measure of separating items that are classified as letters, documents & printed material from other items that are not, like small items, commercial samples, tapes, and others. In simpler terms, they want us to pay more! We can no longer send orders using the International Registered Mail that has been proven to be quite reliable and affordable although it takes a little longer to reach it’s destination. Read more