Analog Devices posted a tutorial on how to use their new ultra low power accelerometer ADXL362 with our Low Power Arduino compatible library and Mini Ultra 8 MHz. Awesome and very detail step by step guide is included in the tutorial! Thank you Anne for all the good work and effort!  Read more

We have just updated the MAX31855 library for Arduino. Changes includes support for negative temperature which we completely missed out on the first revision.  Read more

Quite often we see our customers comes out with their own setup for the reflow oven using our Arduino compatible reflow oven controller shield. Read more

In the past 2 months, we were in manufacturing mode churning out boards like osPID Kit, TraLog Shield, and Reflow Oven Controller Shield. About 400 boards were assembled in our secret lab within this period and we thought it would be cool to share with everyone on how we went through the whole micro manufacturing process. Read more

After months of work, the TraLog shield is finally released and up for sale! An Arduino compatible library for the on-board WISMO228 GSM-GPRS module is also made available on GitHub! We are currently trying to populate the wiki for this product as fast as we can. And we can’t wait to see what you guys will do with the TraLog shield. Read more