Mini Ultra 8 MHz (Arduino Compatible)

Ultra low power Arduino compatible board.

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All official Arduino boards are carefully designed boards with individual unique features. One of the feature that we were looking for was low power consumption. Mini Ultra 8 MHz was designed to fill this void. We also came out with an Arduino compatible low power library to allow flexible low power management of the board. If your next project needs to run on battery or without main power, this is the board you might want to consider! Supporting carrier and application specific boards are coming soon!


  • Compatible with Arduino IDE using “Arduino Pro Mini 3.3 V 8 MHz” as the board option

  • Microcontroller – ATmega328P-AU

  • Clock – External ceramic 8 MHz resonator

  • Operating voltage – 3.3 V

  • Low quiescent current (1.6 μA) on-board 3.3 V 250 mA regulator

  • Ultra low power – Minimum 1.7 μA in power down mode

  • External DC source range – 3.4 – 6 V

  • Indicator LED connected to digital pin 13 through a MOSFET

  • FTDI 6-pin header

  • Emphasis on low noise design approach:

    • Analog reference voltage with LC filter

    • Digital pins (D0-D13) breakout on 1 side of the board

    • Analog pins (A0-A7) breakout on 1 side of the board:

      • Analog pins A6 & A7 are pure analog input pins only

  • 600 mil in between 2 breakout headers - suitable for breadboard usage

  • Dimension – 18.41 mm x 39.37 mm (0.725″ x 1.55″)

  • RoHS compliant – Yes

  • Board came with pre-loaded firmware running in power down (refer to our low power library). You can measure the current consumption right away!



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Customer Reviews

  1. When can I buy ???

    by Paw Havsager on October 11, 2013

    I want to buy this board when is the store Again.
  2. Great Board

    by Rafael on March 30, 2013

    We ordered a few of these and experimented on low power successfully. We used this design to create our own board for wireless sensors. We are theoretically reaching 7 years of battery life on commercial AAs!!
    HW and SW work really work great together here.
    As an improvement would be nice to have updated schematics and BOMs. The Git repo seems to be missing latest updates to the board.
  3. Is this really shipping?

    by Sean on February 6, 2013

    As Philip said: where is the add to cart? I would like to buy at least 2 of these.

    - The add to cart button will not be shown if it is currently out of stock.
  4. Is this really shipping?

    by Philip on April 16, 2012

    This looks like the perfect board for a low power project I'm working on, but can't seem to buy it. Is it really shipping right now? Where's the add to cart button.
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