osPID Kit

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The world's first completely open source PID controller! Completely open source from the hardware design, firmware & software implementation, and enclosure design!

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  • Main Board

    • Complete Arduino compatible board with ATMega328P-AU

    • 8x2 LCD white character with blue back light & adjustable contrast

    • On board USB-serial port

    • 1 2x6 edge card expansion slot for input card

      • 1 SPI port

      • 1 I2C port

      • 2 analog input pins

      • 1 digital IO pin (external interrupt capable)

      • 1 external analog voltage reference pin

      • 5V and GND pins

    • 1 2x6 edge card expansion slot for output card
      • 1 SPI port

      • 1 I2C port

      • 3 digital IO pins (1 external interrupt capable)

      • 1 input voltage pin

      • 5V and GND pins

    • 4 push button

    • 1 red LED for power indication

    • 1 yellow LED for system status and operation

    • 1 green LED for USB activity status

    • 1 buzzer with transistor for loud and annoying sound

    • 1 reset button

    • Analog reference voltage with LC filter

    • Auto reset selection through jumper

    • 7 - 30 VDC input range for power

    • 6-pin AVR In-circuit serial programming (ICSP) header

    • Can be slotted into 1/16 DIN panel cutouts

  • Input Card

    • 1 thermocouple type K input port:

      • Temperature measurement range: -200°C to +1350°C

      • Resolution: 0.25 °C

      • Cold junction temperature measurement

      • Based on MAX31855KASA+ chip

      • Thermocouple open and short (ground and supply) detection

    • 1 thermistor input port:

      • External thermistor reference resistor port

      • Thermistor nominal value and coefficient set through front end software

  • Output Card

    • 2 SPST-NO relay 10A 250 VAC (only 1 mounted)

    • 2 Oz copper PCB

    • 1 digital output pin to drive external SSR with DC control input

    • 1 red and 1 green LED for relay on indication

    • 1 yellow LED for SSR on indication

    • 1 selection jumper to choose either on-board relay or external SSR

  • Enclosure

    • Laser cut enclosure

    • Made from transparent acrylic material

Open source hardware is all about sharing:


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Customer Reviews

  1. A very cool project

    by Francesco on June 25, 2012

    In my opinion this is a very cool project!
    As an educator in Measurement Science I see it as one of the better choices to teach measurement and feedback control theories topics in many experimental laboratory classes.
    I can't wait to have my first osPID to experiment by myself and to give it to my students and see what they will be able to do with it!

    Francesco - Italy
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