Mini Ultra 8 MHz – Updated & Back in Stock

We got a batch of new Mini Ultra 8 MHz up for sale on the shop. We made some small changes to the board but the pinout and dimension stays exactly the same (we knew that lots of them are being used out there on custom carrier boards!):

  • Change of the MCP1700 LDO package from SOT-23 to SOT-89 for better thermal performance with same low quiescent current performance.
  • Change of the resonator part number due to part end of life cycle.
  • Bigger annular ring for the 0.1″ through holes pad for easier soldering.
  • Smaller reset tact switch to facilitate the bigger size resonator.
  • Now comes in sexy blue color solder mask!

The design is pretty much final on this board and we are not expecting any new revision after this. This is the first batch of boards that comes out from our new reflow oven. We have upgraded to a bigger size oven from 9 liter to 19 liter in order to reflow bigger PCB panel. Boards are assembled at a faster rate this way and didn’t we tell you that we have also started to use metal laser cut stencil in house now instead of the Kapton/Mylar stencil?

Before we sign off, here’s a teaser of what is coming out of the reflow oven soon. While working on the Mini Ultra 8 MHz design, we came out with a bigger sub-set of the Mini Ultra 8 MHz board that we have been working on for ages:

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