Mini Ultra 8 MHz Plus (Arduino Compatible)

Ultra low power Arduino compatible board.

Mini Ultra Plus 8 MHz comes WITHOUT any of the through hole connector mounted. We leave you to decide whether you want them mounted or otherwise.

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This is the bigger brother of our popular Mini Ultra 8 MHz board. We added battery charging capability and with an on-board temperature monitoring but yet still ultra low power at 36.0 μA in power down mode!


  • Compatible with Arduino IDE using “Arduino Pro Mini 3.3 V 8 MHz” as the board option

  • Microcontroller – ATmega328P-AU

  • Clock – External ceramic 8 MHz resonator

  • Operating voltage – 3.3 V

  • Low quiescent current (1.6 μA) on-board 3.3 V 250 mA regulator

  • Ultra low power – Minimum 36.0 μA in power down mode

  • 500 mA Li-Ion/Li-Pol battery charger

    • System load sharing - Simultaneously power the system and charge the battery

    • Voltage Proportional Current Control (VPCC) - Ensures system load has priority over battery charge current

    • Thermal regulation - 0 to 45 Degree Celsius range to protect battery

  • Battery charging status indicator LED:

    • Power good (PG) indicator

    • Charging status 1 indicator - Indicates charging process stages

    • Charging status 2 indicator - Indicates charging process completeness and fault state

  • External DC source range – 3.75 – 5.75 V (with over voltage protection up to 20 V and reverse polarity protection)

  • Automatic power source selection through the battery charger IC

  • On-board temperature sensor (MCP9700) connected to pin A7

  • Battery voltage monitor connected to pin A6

  • Indicator LED for power (can be disabled through solder jumper)

  • Indicator LED connected to digital pin 13 through a MOSFET

  • FTDI 6-pin header

  • Auto-reset can be disabled through solder jumper

  • Analog reference voltage with LC filter

  • Dimension – 68.58 mm x 53.34 mm (2.7″ x 2.1″)

  • RoHS compliant – Yes



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Customer Reviews

  1. Over voltage at 6 volts

    by Bruno Dionne on June 18, 2013

    What is the overvoltage protection effect if we put 6 volts on external DC source (min 3.37 volts max 5.75 volts),

    What will the Ultra Mini do in this case? (Shutdown, overheat, impredictable behavior or else ) ?

    - That would have damaged voltage regulator unfortunately.
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