That is some really sexy curve! Some quick update on reflow oven controller. New replacement PCB came in. We started assembling and testing them. All we can say is, there’s zero rework required on every board that came out from the oven! The plan is to complete assembling the first batch during the weekend and make them available for shipment early next week. Now, the reflow oven controller is reflowing the reflow oven controller! Yay! More information coming up.

Off topic, for international shipment, if you were to estimate the shipping cost for registered air parcel on our website, you’ll notice that the price is not that low when compared to what is offered out there. This is the rate for parcel actually which mean that the weight of the item could go all the way up to 20 kg. We’ll make a new table rate within this few days (there’s like few thousands of lines to fill) which offer registered air mail. Registered air mail is way cheaper but the weight limit is 2 kg and it’s more advisable rather than going together with the parcel version as the goods might get squashed by larger 20 kg items!

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