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One of our customer Ken McClain from US, mailed us on how the Reflow Oven Controller shield has turned out for him. Ken wrote:

Well it’s all hooked up…. And I did my first lead reflow… It worked! The default code for unleaded profile worked out of the box!!! Beautiful curve with no change!

What amazes us more is the setup he has made to make it as a more permanent reflow machine. Ken uses a Black & Decker convection oven with a solid state relay bought from Amazon together with a heat sink. We love the clean and neat wiring on the whole setup.

He has even modified the example lead-free sketches to suite leaded solder paste. Here’s a sample reflow curve for leaded solder paste made by Ken.

Ken runs an open source robotics company called Biomimetix with some very exciting open source products coming up soon! Thanks Ken!

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