Updated Product: Reflow Oven Controller Shield

The reflow oven controller shield has been running dry in stock for a month or so. We decided to make some small improvement and most importantly, reducing the cost along the way. We managed to squeeze the price down to USD39 from USD43. Some of the changes in the design includes:

  • All through hole header pads annular ring is enlarged to facilitate easier soldering.
  • Change of some component package to streamline with other product component usage to reduce overall cost and minimize inventory size (Octopart rocks!).
  • Added 2 current limiting resistor to drive the SSR. Good quality SSR usually comes with built-in current limiting resistor but we added them just in case you are using one without the current limiting resistor.
We still keep the good quality Tyco Electronics terminal block which we think is the best 3.5mm pitch terminal block we have seen so far although they are a bit pricey! On top of that, now the PCB comes in striking light sea green solder mask with white silkscreen! We stop using our previous PCB service and went back to our long time friend. We are glad we made the right decision as the quality is definitely awesome, cost effective, and definitely more flexible in terms of specification selection.

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