Arduino based reflow oven controller

Many of you guys were asking on the availability of the Reflow Oven Controller Shield lately. We did some modifications on the shield based on users’ feedback and opinion. We had assembled a small batch of prototypes and have them sent to our maker friends out there to test them out before the final release. The firmware to support the hardware changes is also completed. Read more

Here’s a quick post on how a board looks like after coming out from the reflow oven using our Arduino compatible reflow oven controller shield. Look at the curvy solder joints of the components. It ain’t that shinny because it is lead free solder paste. One of the main advantage is, if your solder paste dispensing (either through syringe or stencil) is at the correct amount, I’ll bet that you’ll have zero rework on the boards that came out from the reflow oven! Read more

We hope this doesn’t look like a oven shootout for baking cakes! For the past 24 hours, we have been experimenting with different 4 ovens ranging from 800 W to 1500 W. We wanted to share our experience on selecting the oven that probably will work for your reflow process. Read more

That is some really sexy curve! Some quick update on reflow oven controller. New replacement PCB came in. We started assembling and testing them. All we can say is, there’s zero rework required on every board that came out from the oven! The plan is to complete assembling the first batch during the weekend and make them available for shipment early next week. Now, the reflow oven controller is reflowing the reflow oven controller! Yay! More information coming up. Read more

Reflow Oven

No, this post is not about Megatron looking for energon cubes. We just love labeling all our tools and machines with characters from the show we heart when we were young. Alright, finally there’s some progress on the reflow oven controller. I know many of you guys are asking when they’ll be available, I hope the waiting is going to be over pretty soon! 🙂 Read more