April 2011 Product Updates!

We have just updated with products from Sparkfun Electronics. Do drop by our website to check them out! If you have an item from Sparkfun Electronics that we have yet to carry, drop us an email and we’ll try our best to make it happen on the next shipment.

SparkFun Inventor’s Kit for Arduino

This is the mother of all Arduino kit. Comes with an array of components ranging from basic passive components to multiple types of sensors and actuators. The kit also comes with full color printed manual and circuit overlays. On top of that, no soldering is required to complete all the lessons included in the kit.

Breakout Boards

Electret MicTEMT6000Real Timer Clock Module

Don’t we all love breakout boards. It makes prototyping especially on the breadboard so much easier and faster. We brought in 3 (Real Time Clock Module, TEMT6000 Breakout Board, & Electret Microphone) breakout boards for this shipment as a start and more breakout boards will be available soon. Drop us an email if you have any breakout boards you are interested in.

XBee Modules & Supporting Boards

XBee Explorer USBXBee Explorer RegulatedXBee ZB

We have been using XBee modules for nearly 5 years now and we know how easy and powerful these tiny modules are. If you have plans to make a wireless sensor network or even a simple wireless connection, XBee modules are suitable for those application. We’ll be bringing in more XBee modules (different output power version and antenna type) in the near future. We also carry the XBee shield if you miss that on our previous product updates.

ATmega328 with Arduino Bootloader

The shortage supply of ATmega328 has been solved (cross our fingers). This time around, we let you guys to choose what bootloader (Uno, Duemilanove, or blank) to be burned into the microcontroller. We will still be selling them at USD6.50 (~RM20.00) for the bootloader version and USD6.00 (~RM18.40). If you think you are a master of destroying chips or you have plans to use a bare version of Arduino, get yourself couple of them (while we still have them)!

Arduino and Breadboard Holder

Working on breadboard with Arduino is a fast and handy way before moving on to a more permanent setup. This Arduino and breaboard holder are custom made sturdy platform especially for this purpose. We also brought in the suitable breaboard size for this product.

Power Driver Shield Kit & EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver

Power Driver Shield KitEasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver

The Power Driver Shield Kit is a beefy kit capable of switching very high load current and is an Arduino compatible shield. The EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver as its name suggest, provides an easy way to control stepper motor with small micro steps resolutions and very is suitable for your next robotics projects.

There are other new products that we didn’t include here and do check them out on our website!
Happy tinkering and take care!

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