We offer 2 types of low cost radio module option for our Mini Ultra Pro boards. We always think that it is important to choose a suitable radio module based on the application. One of the most important feature when choosing a radio module is the transmission range and transmission rate. While we have basically run many range test on the LoRa capable RFM95W radio module on the Mini Ultra Pro, we are really curious how different the FSK RFM69HCW radio module would perform in terms of range. It is obvious that the RFM69HCW is unable to achieve the few kilometer range provided by the LoRa technology but faster transmission rate and cost effectiveness of the FSK RFM69HCW radio module might be very compelling for certain applications. Read more

Analog Devices posted a tutorial on how to use their new ultra low power accelerometer ADXL362 with our Low Power Arduino compatible library and Mini Ultra 8 MHz. Awesome and very detail step by step guide is included in the tutorial! Thank you Anne for all the good work and effort!  Read more

We managed to assemble a 2nd batch of the Reflow Oven Controller Shield! More units to come in the next few days. We also assembled some units of Mini Ultra 8 MHz. Read more

We are so excited that our Mini Ultra 8 MHz board is ready for public now. This is the official release of the board that has a revision 1.30 label on the board. Mini Ultra 8 MHz comes in the conventional green solder mask with screaming yellow white silkscreen made of TG170 FR4 material with ENIG finish. You can get Mini Ultra 8 MHz at our shop now. Here’s a complete description of Mini Ultra 8 MHz. Read more

This is the second part of current consumption measurement of Mini Ultra 8 MHz. We’ll show some important steps to put the board into very low power state. The result is well beyond our expectation and we are pretty excited as this marks the completion of one of the main objective of the design. Read more