That is some really sexy curve! Some quick update on reflow oven controller. New replacement PCB came in. We started assembling and testing them. All we can say is, there’s zero rework required on every board that came out from the oven! The plan is to complete assembling the first batch during the weekend and make them available for shipment early next week. Now, the reflow oven controller is reflowing the reflow oven controller! Yay! More information coming up. Read more

This is the second part of current consumption measurement of Mini Ultra 8 MHz. We’ll show some important steps to put the board into very low power state. The result is well beyond our expectation and we are pretty excited as this marks the completion of one of the main objective of the design. Read more

Reflow Oven

No, this post is not about Megatron looking for energon cubes. We just love labeling all our tools and machines with characters from the show we heart when we were young. Alright, finally there’s some progress on the reflow oven controller. I know many of you guys are asking when they’ll be available, I hope the waiting is going to be over pretty soon! 🙂 Read more

Current Consumption

At first, we thought of putting the current consumption measurement process of Mini Ultra MHz in one post. However, the post seems to be too long to be fitted into one post. So, here is the 1st part of the current measurement process. Read more

Some of you might have came across our earlier design on low power Arduino compatible board going under the name Ultra. We are making a tiny version of the Ultra design – Mini Ultra 8 MHz. Mini Ultra 8 MHz is a simplified and stripped down version of Ultra. Using this board under the Arduino IDE, you can select the board as “Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (3.3 V 8 MHz) w/ ATmega328”. As the name suggest, Mini Ultra 8 MHz is designed to be low power (less than 5 µA in power down mode). Read more