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Variety Of Antennas

Antenna Selection Conundrum

We have been dealing with antennas close to 10 years now (adjusting and modifying your terrestrial TV Yagi antenna 20 years ago doesn't count!). Having access to wide range of antenna from factories in the far east allow us to choose suitable…
RFM69HCW Range

Radio Range Test with RFM69HCW

We offer 2 types of low cost radio module option for our Mini Ultra Pro boards. We always think that it is important to choose a suitable radio module based on the application. One of the most important feature when choosing a radio module is…
Mini Ultra Pro Evolve

New Product - Mini Ultra Pro

Over the years, we were fortunate enough to be involved in several wireless sensor network projects in real world applications. These boards were custom boards derived from our Mini Ultra 8 MHz, Mini Ultra 8 MHz Plus and also an unreleased Mega2560…
KiCad PCB New

From Diptrace to KiCad

Before we started Rocket Scream a few years back, we were using Altium Designer for all our schematic and PCB works. When we left the corporate world to work on Rocket Scream as a full time gig, it was obvious that we weren't able to fork out…

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