Reflow Oven

No, this post is not about Megatron looking for energon cubes. We just love labeling all our tools and machines with characters from the show we heart when we were young. Alright, finally there’s some progress on the reflow oven controller. I know many of you guys are asking when they’ll be available, I hope the waiting is going to be over pretty soon! 🙂 Read more

It has been pretty quiet on the blog lately. We are busy testing all our designs and perform redesign and corrections on the prototypes. There’s a pile of yet to be released boards too. One of the current project we are working on is an Arduino based reflow oven controller. We have been using SMT based components for a long time and hand soldering them for bigger batch of boards seems  to be rather a long and tedious process. We know there’s so many small maker like us facing the same problem like us. Sending the boards out for assembly means high volume and higher cost for each product. After all, we are not planning to be viral, 🙂 Read more

December was a busy month for Rocket Scream Electronics as we have been working on couple of upcoming products and hopefully we would be able to make them available in January 2011. We can basically categorized our focus to be on 2 main categories. The 1st category, would be products that are Arduino compatible and these are basically shields and other supporting tools. The 2nd category would be development platform (PIC, ARM Cortex, XBee S2B) other than the Arduino platform. Read more