Last week when we posted an update to the WISMO228 library for Arduino, we mentioned we were using the TraLog shield as a vehicle tracking & logging device. We finally found some time in between everything to write this post and illustrate what the TraLog shield is capable of. Read more

After months of work, the TraLog shield is finally released and up for sale! An Arduino compatible library for the on-board WISMO228 GSM-GPRS module is also made available on GitHub! We are currently trying to populate the wiki for this product as fast as we can. And we can’t wait to see what you guys will do with the TraLog shield. Read more

Things has been pretty quiet lately on Rocket Scream camp lately. This is because we are working around the clock to bring up new products. Apart from working on the open source PID controller with Brett Beauregard, we are finishing a few products which we hope will be on the shelf very soon. We always wanted to make the best possible products and kinda stay away from the FISI philosophy. So, it takes some time for us to release anything although at times certain products went for 5 revision but yet to be seen on the shelf. Read more