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    I understand that Serial.flush() is empty for Adafruit FONA. In Print.h:
    virtual void flush() { /* Empty implementation for backward compatibility */ }

    I need to make sure that all Serial.print() statements are completed before I enter sleep mode for the FONA, otherwise it will be subsequently woken up in Serial.print code (and crashes) instead of in loop().

    Is there any code that can accomplish this?


    Are you sure they are empty? flush() could be implemented in Stream class. I could be wrong because I rarely use 32U4.
    Try putting some characters into print() and call flush() before sleep. See whether all characters are sent before sleep.

    Else it is best to simply put a delay by comparing it to millis(). Just estimate the time by calculating how many bytes you are sending.


    Again, thanks for your effort. Yes, I did call flush() before sleep and it crashed. Found this code:
    u16 flushOutput()
    u16 count;
    while ((count = FifoByteCount()) != 0);
    return count; // Returns 0
    u16 FifoByteCount()
    return ((((u16)UEBCHX) << 8) | (UEBCLX));

    It compiles ok but does not wait untill the output buffer is empty.

    Regarding delay() : I cannot estimate the number of characters waiting to be output. They come from various libraries with DEBUG_PRINT and the like.
    There must surely be a way to interrogate the output queue in the build-in UART in Atmel 32u4.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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