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    I’ll make some experiments with the Mini-Ultra and the Low-Power library.
    I would like some advice about measuring such small currents.

    I saw that you use the EXTECH-430 multimeter in one experiment:

    Do you recommend this multimeter? Any other choices?

    Thank you,


    Hi Francisco,

    That is a very old meter of mine. I would recommend other newer meters. Depending on your budget and needs, entry level meter like Brymen 235 is a very good meter. If you need higher precision, more expensive ones like Fluke 87V and Brymen 869S are the meter to go to. On even higher even range, benchtop multimeter is a very nice instrument to have.

    Eivind Holt

    If your budget kan allow it the Otii Arc is amazing for profiling microampere devices. I find the most useful feature the ability to plot debug statements with the current graph. This has replaced my use of an oscilloscope with serial decoding and Dave Jones’ uCurrent Gold and a filter. The Brymen 235 is really good value, but it is hard to identify what part of your code is currently running.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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