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    Thank for the library. I am using an Adafruit Feather Mo board with a ATSAMD21G18A. I also use the LoRaWAN library
    I tried sleepDog library but apparently it does not work because of the interrupt.

    By chance, I found an example of code with LoRa and LowPower library, which support ATSAMD21G18A
    At the bottom of the following page it states:

    ####Notes: External interrupt during standby on ATSAMD21G18A requires a patch to the Arduino SAMD Core in order for it to work. Fix is provided by this particular pull request.

    I do not really understand what I have to do and what about the term patch.
    Should I include/install in m IDE, the library ? (additionnaly)
    I already installed Arduino SAMD board

    What does exactely arduino/ArduinoCore-samd?

    Many thank for your clarification

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    A workaround is to use the ArduinoLowPower library. The rising and falling edge interrupt will only work with that library as the clocking to these peripheral are patched within that library itself.

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