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    I’m using the Pro Micro, with a 9V battery (6*1.5V) connected to the RAW pin.
    In addition, I’m using the TLC5940 breakout board to supply some LEDs.

    I’m using the Low-Power library.
    I have removed the power LED from the Pro Micro board, but obviously need the regulator.

    When I enter sleep mode, I still have a power consumption of 3mA… Which is a lot more than I was hoping. I know the regulator will be using some, but this guy managed to 0.02 mA, even with the regulator…

    Any ideas as to why I use that much power in sleep mode. Is that expected from the Pro Micro?

    When reading Power saving techniques for microprocessors, it seems like other components are using power?

    This is the power down mode I’m using:

    PLLCSR &= ~_BV(PLLE); 
    USBCON &= ~_BV(USBE); 

    The article you pointed out is using an Arduino Pro Mini based on ATMega328P. Your’s is a Pro Micro.
    Never had the chance to test with a Pro Micro yet, so I won’t know the exact figure. The regulator and the TLC5940 should have it’s quiescent current. Do check their datasheet.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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