We received several request to make a 5 V 16 MHz version of our low power Mini Ultra 8 MHz board. We know how much you guys love to operate at 5 V and running the ATMega328P at 16 MHz. We want them to be able to run from varies type of batteries and still consume very small amount of current during power down or sleep mode. We maintain the same pin out and dimension as in the Mini Ultra 8 MHz board.

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After months of design iterations and testing, TraLog Shield v2 is finally here! We made several changes & improvement over the initial design and also managed to push the cost down. Read more

We made some small changes to the Mini Ultra 8 MHz Plus board which involves the charging circuitry on the board. Read more

We have just released our very own version of the USB-Serial board based on the new FT231XS chip. This board went through numerous revision which initially was using the older FT232RL chip. Read more